First Weekend in the Books

What a fantastic first weekend, with wonderful families, couples, friends, and individuals coming out to search for their perfect tree. We were so happy to meet everyone (and all of the happy, friendly dogs, too!) The weather mostly cooperated, and next weekend looks even more promising.

Our Concolor firs are proving incredibly popular and are going very quickly so definitely plan to come early on Saturday if looking for a Concolor in the 7′ range. We will definitely be sold out on Saturday at this rate.

We have so many lovely Fraser firs throughout our three fields, especially if you’re seeking a tall tree. Numerous 10’+ trees headed out this past weekend and we have many more to offer! Just a reminder, tagged trees are NOT available, and please do not cut anything under 4′.

Our handmade wreaths proved very popular and sold out Sunday morning, but I will be working hard through the week to make plenty more, especially the decorated ones that seemed to be people’s favorites!

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