A Busy Spring

The new year at Corian Tree Farm got off to a very busy start with the a new undertaking: maple syrup! We began with only 15 taps on some very well-established maple trees up our main trail, and produced several hundred gallons of sap within a few short weeks. It takes about 40 gallons of sap per 1 gallon of syrup. And with the erratic winter weather, the trees were a bit confused for the several weeks we had them tapped. But a few cases of syrup are coming your way during our tree season this Christmas!

And now that spring is officially here, our new sapling Christmas trees are on their way in the next weeks, ready for planting. We have about 1,400 new trees coming! A mix of Concolor firs (our most requested tree last season), Fraser firs, Douglas firs. Douglas will be a new tree for us at the farm, but we look forward to selling them in about seven years. The Canaan firs that were planted previously are still growing nicely, and we hope to have some of those ready to go by the 24/25 selling seasons.

Some capital projects are also underway at the farm. We’re fixing up the main road for better access to the upper tree fields. The wet winter really took a toll on our infrastructure. And we’re running electricity to the farm! So no more loud generator sounds interrupting your experience when you come out looking for your tree (plus we get to stay a little warmer on this freezing selling days in December, a win-win all around.)

We can’t wait for all the great improvements and upcoming projects through the next few months!

One response to “A Busy Spring”

  1. Can’t wait to see all the new varieties of trees. Great work and looking forward to having local syrup for stocking stuffers!


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