• Sold Out for the Season

    What a weekend! First the torrential rain on Saturday, which many families still braved to find their tree and wreaths. And then Sunday, where by midday parking was at a premium, families, friends, couples, and individuals were happily tromping through the mud, trees were ferried on the gator from the upper fields nonstop, and prizes…

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  • Rainy Saturday

    We are open in the rain! 9:00-3:00! Closing early, but I figure, if the trees love the rain then so should we, right? And with the weather here in New Hartford looking like it should clear up in the early afternoon, I hope to see a few of you stalwart tree seekers out through the…

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  • First Weekend in the Books

    What a fantastic first weekend, with wonderful families, couples, friends, and individuals coming out to search for their perfect tree. We were so happy to meet everyone (and all of the happy, friendly dogs, too!) The weather mostly cooperated, and next weekend looks even more promising. Our Concolor firs are proving incredibly popular and are…

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