Sold Out for the Season

What a weekend! First the torrential rain on Saturday, which many families still braved to find their tree and wreaths. And then Sunday, where by midday parking was at a premium, families, friends, couples, and individuals were happily tromping through the mud, trees were ferried on the gator from the upper fields nonstop, and prizes were awarded to dozens of children (and some adults!) who completed our scavenger hunt!

The bonfire was constantly attended by guests wrapped in our tartan blankets, marshmallows were toasted, s’mores and hot chocolate consumed at an almost alarming rate. And through it all, so many wonderful, smiling people brought joy and festivity to our first selling year as Corian Tree Farm.

Our trees may not be everyone’s preference, they are certainly that natural, almost Victorian style as one eloquent, keen-eyed guest described them. But almost 100 trees found a home this year. And we’ll be planting almost 800 more in the spring in our existing fields and in two new-planned fields, which will include Douglas firs and Blue Spruces and many more of the infinitely popular Concolor firs.

As the title of this post states, we are now closed for the season. If you are seeking a 12′ plus tree, please email us or message on our Facebook page, and we may be able to arrange an appointment this coming weekend, Dec. 10 and 11. We do have many larger Fraser firs still available.

Thank you all for your support, and we look forward to another wonderful year in 2023. And next time, we should have maple syrup from the farm as well!

~The Gilroy Family

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